Review: BMW Motorsport Golf Ball Shift Knob

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The elusive BMW Motorsport golf ball shift knob has been on many people’s bucket lists.

We recently acquired this shift knob and installed it on our 2001 Z3.

This shift knob was clearly made by BMW Motorsport for BMW Motorsport.

First impression: damn. It is hefty – about the same weight as the ZHP knob we had just removed. The feel is extremely tactile – rubbery for absolute grip. The dimples bring on a whole other experience. Winding through the gears, you may start to feel as if you were getting ready to attack the corkscrew at Laguna Seca or bring it around the back straight on the Nordschleife.

The part number for the BMW Motorsport golf ball shift knob is 25008322191.

Recently, ECS Tuning began selling this shift knob. They are currently price gouging customers at a whopping $119.95. They are withholding the current actual part number to prevent customers from price shopping. BMW dealerships that sell parts from the Motorsport catalog have the shift knob currently priced at approximately $70 shipped.

Final thought: This is a nice shift knob, especially for motorsports, but it was clearly not designed to be used in a normal BMW model. The shift knob is not made to fit or lock on to the standard BMW shift lever. However, due to the flexible nature of the BMW Motorsport golf ball shift knob, it can be pressed on where it will stay secured during use. For the BMW enthusiast that enjoys uncommon parts, this is a nice pick up.



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