E46 M3 Rear Subframe Reinforcement: Part 2

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E46 M3 Rear Subframe Reinforcement: Part 2

In continuation of part 1, part 2 covers the reinforcement of the rear axle carrier panel.

Step 1: Weld reinforcement bar to chassis legs.

The Vincebar is bolted in and then welded to the chassis after tapping the drilled holes.

Step 2: Prep front mounts for reinforcement cups.

The front RACP mounts were prepped before welding the reinforcement cups. The factory welds were ground down to provide a flat surface for the reinforcement cups to sit on.

Like the rear mounts the front mounts also needed to be tapped all of the way through.

The reinforcement cups were test fitted using a lug bolt to line them up.

Once the reinforcement cups were test fitted the inside of the front mounts were primed with 2K epoxy to prevent any future corrosion.

Step 3: Welding of the reinforcement cups.

After welding the first reinforcement cup it was apparent further fitting would be needed for the second reinforcement cup. This cup was ground down and rewelded for a smoother finish that can be seen in Part 3.

Part 3 continues with work on the underside of the vehicle including the welding of Redish reinforcements plates and cracks from the separation of the RACP and finishing work.


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