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LeatherZ Z3 M Coupe Sunroof Shade


Before the M Coupe had arrived we had already ordered the sunroof shade from LeatherZ. Since the M Coupe sunshade was NLA from BMW (part # 82110021741) and the sunshade being sold by LeatherZ was a direct replica of the BMW part, we knew it was something that we had to have.

Another one of the driving reasons of buying it so soon was that LeatherZ had a limited amount left from their second production run and we wanted to be sure we got one.

What are our thoughts?

As can be seen in the picture above, it does exactly what it is supposed to do which is to block outside light. Installation is very easy and straight forward, sliding in and attaching to velcro on the sunroof frame.

It is made from thin black plastic. The side that faces the inside is textured and the side that faces the outside is smooth and painted white. The four holes are for easier installation and removal using your fingers.


There is one thing that stands out the most. This is the white paint. I am not sure how the sunshade was painted, but some of the white paint made its way to the black textured side. It is not really noticeable when in the car, but is extremely annoying for a $100 part and our OCD. With the camera flash in the picture above the white paint can easily be seen at the back edge.

Two other things that are a little annoying are the four holes that still let in light and the small gaps on either side of the M Coupe sunshade once installed. If you do not want any light in at all you might want to consider covering the holes with something. The gaps on the side don’t let much light in and LeatherZ says they are there for the purpose of heat expansion.

  • Blocks outside light
  • Blocks heat to an extent
  • Can be left in when the sunroof is opened
  • Is the only OE style M Coupe sunshade available

I would definitely recommend purchasing this sunshade from LeatherZ for your Z3 Coupe or M Coupe if you are a stickler for the fit and finish of OE parts.

If you are interested, be sure to get yours as soon as possible as there may not be any more made in the future.

You can purchase it here from LeatherZ. The price is currently $95 plus shipping.

Their current price on eBay is $105 with free shipping.

3 Responses

  1. Nicole W

    Is there any way to get this currently? I have a 1999 Z3 M coupe and cannot for the life of me find a sunroof shade.

    • TC2

      Nicole, I apologize about the late reply. As far as I know it is no longer available from anywhere. When I bought it from LeatherZ I though it was genuine BMW, but I realized it was just a copy of what BMW originally sold which is a very simple design. It is roughly 1/8 inch thick black ABS plastic sheeting. The textured side faces the inside of the vehicle and the smooth side faces the sunroof glass. The smooth side is painted with matte or satin white paint and a few small strips of Velcro are added at the rear edge so it doesn’t blow out when the sunroof is tilted open.

  2. Andy Maddux

    Hi Nicole,

    My name is Andy Maddux, I own LeatherZ. I just did a VERY small run of these and have some left. I do not think they will be available long. Since the coupe is a low production run car, it is hard to justify the cost and required production volumes, so I can’t guarantee I will make more in the future.

    I have corrected the White Paint issues on this run and they do not have any overspray. As for the size, these are the exact measurements as the OEM BMW part. It would be great to lose the 4 holes, but you would have a hard time removing the sunshade without them.

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